Friday, 2 January 2009


I wasn't going to. Then I saw others were doing it and I liked it. So I made my own little retrospective of the year that was 2008.

Just the knitting, mind. Nothing else. I have to draw the line somewhere. Once I get started, I could go down several paths of looking back and this one will do for now. It's the one I'm most proud of. What a year. Gifts, major personal achievements, countless stitches. 

2008 Projects

1. Mick's Socks, 2. Adele, Will and the Hemlock, 3. Adamas Shawl, 4. Blue Handtowel, 5. Cream Handtowel, 6. Boy Fetchings (Dad), 7. Sean's Birthday Socks II, 8. Sean's Birthday Socks I, 9. White Fetchings, 10. Mauve Fetchings, 11. Embossed Leaves II, 12. Verdes Pi Shawl, 13. Alpacky Vest, 14. Hemlock Memory Blanket, 15. Purple Trainwreck Socks, 16. Shetland Shawl, 17. Adele's Cardigan, 18. Grace's Crochet Jacket, 19. Waving Lace Socks, 20. Clapotis, 21. Zara Cutaway Cardigan, 22. Willem's Mittens, 23. Keith's Birthday Vest, 24. Sean's Gentleman's Socks, 25. Pi Blanket, 26. Fetchings, 27. Donyale Socks, 28. The Steeked Jacket, 29. Dublin Bay Socks, 30. Willem's Socks, 31. Ribbed For Her Socks (Claire), 32. dishcloths, 33. ballband, 34. Gentleman's Fancy Socks, 35. Forrest Canopy Shawl, 36. swapsocks

Once I got the mammoth, 14 month project of the Steeked Jacket done and dusted in March it freed up so much time. I finished that project wondering what the year held for me in terms of knitting output, once the albatross was lifted from around my neck, and now I see it held many, many good things. 

It has to be said, though the jacket was a trial, it taught me so many things that really, made the rest of the year's output possible. 

And this year? I see more lace, more socks, and something big, warm and filled with cables in winter. Beyond that, who knows?

I can say one thing with certainty though. There's a stash that needs sorting and I'm itching to work from it this year. I'm not saying I won't buy new yarn, but in the short term at least, I'm working with the materials I've got. I'm keen to see what's there.

Let the year begin. I'm ready.