Thursday, 12 February 2009

Buttery Goodness

I'm happy to say that the Pomatomus socks are done. Finished. Off the needles. And not a moment too soon. As I said the other day, they weren't the most fabulous knit ever, but I'm pretty taken with the results. I don't really know why I didn't like them but the comments on the last post where I mentioned them seemed to suggest I'm not alone.


I'm wearing them quite comfortably right now which is, as you can imagine, not expected in February in Australia. My feet are actually cold. 

Talk about freak weather. Sean's just called to say it's raining as he's leaving work. Bring it on. Maybe that crackly grass beneath my feet will turn green and maybe the bushfires will go out if the rain clouds can shift south.


I quite like the heels on these socks, the way the rib feeds into the pattern. Cookie A is one clever designer. Just don't ask me to make these socks again.


When I put them on last night, Sean declared them one of the best looking pairs of socks I'd ever made. I'm inclined to agree. I think they're striking, partly because of Donni's yarn, Burnt Butter. RoseRed dubbed these socks Butter Pomcorn Socks. Cute huh?

Can't say what's next but the Sock Club skein has been selected. More on that later.


If you would like to a) win some amazing prizes and b) donate to the Red Cross for the bushfires go check out the profoundly generous prizes available on Serendipity. Jacqueline has gathered together an absolute feast of luscious yarn prizes, all donated from a range of suppliers, and they are up for grabs if you donate to the Red Cross. I'd already given early on, but couldn't resist giving more. 

You can also see Kuka and Jejune for information on other creative ways to help, including in knitterly ways. For more info on a blanket project for fire victims, see Bec. Whatever we can do is good.