Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Just because

Sometimes you do things just because. No reason, really. Like buying new yarn when you said you'd try not to for a while.


I'm on a bit of a slow down with yarn buying and am quite enjoying savouring the stash I've got, but sometimes an opportunity presents itself, like finding out that some yarn a couple of friends are raving about is both discontinued and on sale at Clegs. Grignasco Tango at $3.95 a ball (x 10). Amazing. It will be a cardigan for me and there's a shortlist.

Speaking of cardigans, I started one. Again, just because.


It's Something Red by Wendy Bernard, a cardigan I've been eyeing off since I bought the pattern last year. Mine is, of course, blue, because that seems to be the only colour I know how to knit lately when it comes to cardigans. I do plan to rectify that this year but this Lana Grossa Nico cotton has been in the stash for a while and I think will make a delightful autumn garment.

Oh and by the way, top down construction rocks! George had been raving about this for ages and I believed her, I just needed the right vehicle. It's a very nice contrast piece for when I'm not feeling the lace love (which is rare, but it happens). 

And another just because. Mad, Mad Rachel sent me some Debbie Bliss Cashmere for Valentines Day. Presumably just because she wanted to. Thank you Rachel. You are too sweet, as were the heart candies and chocolates we both enjoyed! 


In closing, it would seem just wrong to not mention the fires. They're still burning and the number of dead rises almost hourly but it's tremendous to read that people are contributing so much to help out. It's great to see. What else can we do? I'm trying, personally, not to overdo watching the stories. The way some of the media seem to almost feast on the grief never sits well with me.