Thursday, 5 February 2009

Six of six

Amy tagged me for the photo meme where you go to your sixth photo folder and choose the sixth photo.

I was a bit nervous about this, wondering what on earth might show up but it was a good one and actually not all that old. I think I only started putting photos in my own photo folder when we moved into this house in 2006. Before that I think Sean had main carriage of uploading photos from the camera so older ones are in his folders.

Anyway, this is the photo.


It's me and my lovely nephew Will, taken on a visit to Sydney in February 2007, so exactly two years ago. I love this whole series, taken that afternoon by my sister, Adele no doubt. Sure it looks a little posed, as if Adele is saying 'Smile at Aunty Bells, Will!' but the other photos from the same series suggest we were having lots of fun, goofing around.

Like this one.


And this one.


Nearly five years have elapsed since this little guy came into our lives as the first grandchild and therefore my first blood nephew. Almost five years of absolute magic and incredible love. He has the sweetest temperament, the most playful grin and a surprisingly dry wit (if you can imagine such a thing in a small boy). He is a part of my sister, and therefore a part of me and though I was very excited for him to arrive, I had no idea the magnitude of love that was in store for me.

Watching him grow, and watching my sister be the most amazing, caring mum has made every day of his life so special. 

In a couple of weeks, I'll have a new niece. My youngest sister is about to give birth. Clearly aunty-hood suits me so I've got more love to look forward to.

Thanks for tagging me, Amy. It was nice to spend a moment thinking about being an aunty.