Monday, 2 February 2009

All About Grace

I don't often undertake Baby Knits.

Many more babies are born around me than I ever knit for because sometimes it seems like a cruel form of torture to knit cute little baby things when it often seems that I might never have the chance to knit for a baby of my own. Yes, we still hope but while we are hoping and struggling, knitting baby stuff is not something I choose to spend my time doing. 

I do make exceptions for the special ones. I hasten to add that all babies are obviously special, but the babies of a) very dear friends and b) very dear friends who are knitters are the ones I'll most often put aside the Bad Feelings and knit for. 

Exhibit Grace. Lovely daughter of Amy from Rhode Island. That link takes you to the post where Grace models what I made for her. You have to see it. Even my sister pointed out today that Grace looks especially delighted with her outfit. 

And that outfit would be Anouk, a lovely Kate Gilbert piece from Knitty

I'd admired it from the first time I saw another Grace wearing Anouk - George made one and dressed her Grace in it late last year. One lunch time I swooned over George's Grace and knew at once I'd make it for Amy's Grace. (Is the title of this post making sense now?)


I took my time. Both RoseRed and I decided we'd send our baby gifts early in the new year to avoid the rush of things Amy would receive after Grace was born. 

I have to say, Anouk, while delightful, is not the most pleasant pattern to work from. I messed up several times which is frustrating given it's really just two pieces with a bit of shaping and some additional bits. It's not written all that clearly and even though I know I can be a bit scatty on getting details right sometimes, I didn't think it was the kind of pattern that would lead to that much stuffing up. But it did. I fudged the neck and shoulders. 

It's actually meant to be joined on one shoulder, buttoned on the other but I ended up messing that bit up and so it's not joined at all. Just the straps on the side and the buttons at the shoulders.  I think it works.

The original calls for pockets with intarsia flowers on them - George did them and they are fabulous. Me, I chickened out on two fronts. I didn't feel like learning intarsia at the time and I had a feeling Amy would like it to be simpler. I was right.

To go with it, I made a Berry Baby Hat. Amy had mentioned one day that Grace was a bit short on hats (and you call yourself a knitter, Amy! ;-) so I made one. Cute huh?


And all together? 


It all adds up to sweet baby loveliness, don't you think? Do check out the modelled photo on Amy's blog. There's nothing like seeing how it actually looks on the intended recipient.

I made Anouk from Patons Superwash, 2 balls of red, one of green. This is nice yarn. I'd not used it before. I think it washes up beautifully. I'll no doubt make this again, now that I've sorted out the troublesome pattern. It's too cute not to. One day.