Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The right time of year

I love autumn. It's the season where I start to settle into the year and figure stuff out. This might seem a strange concept to northern hemisphere residents who live through autumn as the calendar year winds down, but for us, autumn means the year is just kicking off.

I found my newly planted autumn crocuses this week. They only went into the ground a few weeks ago because i was slow off the mark. Young Will helped me plant them when he was visiting. He took the job very seriously.

Crocus Series
1. Autumn Crocus closed, 2. Autumn Crocus Aerial, 3. Autumn Crocus Stamen, 4. Autumn Crocus against sky

So now the days are cooler and I'm more relaxed, I'm bursting with ideas!

My creation

1. Red and yellow Everlasting Daisy, 2. Red Everlasting Daisy 1, 3. Pink and white everlasting daisy, 4. Red Everlasting Daisy

I can't say too clearly yet what the ideas are, not because I'm being secretive but because they're not yet formed. They're flashes of ideas. I'm finding them in strange places, corners of the internet I've not really explored before. What would be great, I'm starting to think, is to find out where work and passion collide. That's something that's really missing from my life, probably from many of our lives and I often feel there has to be a better way.

Maybe I'll write a book again. Maybe I'll be better at it this time. Maybe this blogging thing I love so much could help me find that better way. Maybe the way forward isn't in a book but something else I'm yet to figure out.

Either way, I'm going to start exploring those ideas here a little bit, just to see where doing so takes me. I'd love people who hang around here to come with me. So stay tuned. I want to look back one day and see where dreams and realities intersected. Maybe it's here.