Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Contest winners and a single bootie

How's that for an exciting title?

First things first, never let it be said that my husband only half does the tough jobs. He found judging the contest really hard, partly, I suspect, because he feels like he knows some readers quite well from either being friends of mine, or because he hears stories and choosing is like playing favourites!

That said, he chose winners he didn't know and would you believe, he sent me a summary email outlining his choices, the honourable mentions, the ones that he liked a lot. But in the end, it's down to these three (yes, three, because choosing one was something he just couldn't do).

1. Kate from Knightly Knitter. Sean loved that her comment on suggested post topics was both funny and incredibly broad. She wrote:

hmm, interesting topics?
How Not To Get Back To Sleep At 4am
Procrastination: A Philosophy to Live By
Why It Is Good To Knit And Teach Simultaneously
Bookstores I Have Known
Utopian Cafe
15 Things To Do On The Plane When They Won't Let You Knit
The Book That Showed Me The Wonder Of (insert genre here)
The Weird Thing I Saw/Heard/Smelt of Public Transport Today
Just Keep Going Round: A Tourist's Guide To Navigation In Canberra (and any variation for any other city!)
I See Rainbows
Hang The Housework

(the first one pretty much is the reason for the rest of them today!!!)

2. Sonia from The Peaceful Knitter. Sonia wrote:

Have we seen your stash lately?
Interesting conversations with non-knitters/crocheters?
What's going on in your garden?
Themed photo mosaics from your archived photos.
Okay, I'm stumped now...have fun and keep writing!

Sean liked that Sonia's suggestions covered all the things he likes to see here.

3. Finally, Tinkingbell. Tink wrote:

Like trawling the archives, but how about being a tourist in Canberra? Lots of your readers would like the wider view - and you may notice things you haven't before - take us walking the streets and parks with you
Or take us to (the less sensitive bits) of your work with you
or take us to SnB with you
Or tour your favourite paintings via galleries and museums
or give us more of your childhood and growing up!
What a fun shout out!

Sean chose this one because it means he'll have a reason to drag me around to some galleries again. It's not that I don't like going, I just sometimes forget how much I enjoy it until I get there.

So thanks everyone for your fabulous comments. I've drawn up a list and well, that should keep me going for a while. Winners, send me your addresses and I'll have some stitch markers for you!

Finally, to finish with some knitting.

Isn't this so very cute? It's the first bootie I've made in a long, long time and it's for my niece. It's the leftovers from the jacket and hat I've so far managed to get out of two skeins of Koigu.


I just love it. But it really needs a mate. I'm off to make one now. Yes, they're that quick those Saartje's booties. I'll have the full set of Alice's outfit ready to give to her in the next week, after buttons are found and all finishing touches completed.