Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Day In My Life - April 14 2009

I'm going to do A Day In My Life this month despite misgivings. It was the first day back at work after the four day break - how interesting can it be? Still, I shall do my best to keep you from nodding off if you'll come along with me.

Instead of going moment by moment with a photo to accompany each scintillating second of my Tuesday, I'll give you a mosaic of photos instead, with a little generalised commentary. Honestly, it's better that way!

My creation

1. Short Leg Trousers, 2. Passengers, 3. Morning Rain, 4. Tea at work, 5. Rainy City, 6. Me in the Mirro, 7. Mac Gloss, 8. Craft Magazines, 9. Me in the lift, 10. Kiwi Fruit Juice, 11. Hosiery, 12. Early morning

The photos aren't in order of the day but they probably don't need vast amounts of explanation.

We slept late and were on the road at 8:18, a time by which I'm usually at my desk. But as you can see from the grey, rainy shots, it wasn't a day that inspired anyone in Canberra to get out of bed. Not that anyone would have complained, really. We don't see many wet days around here.

In the car, I went through my usual ritual (as a passenger) of checking my make up. Sean always says 'Yes, your face is still there' but he doesn't get that I have to check in case my make up, applied in the light of the bathroom, doesn't look any good in the light of day.

My lipstick almost always goes on in the car. Or on the bus. I don't know why. I rarely leave the house with it on. Currently, I'm loving Mac gloss. Make up checked, I can get on with knitting. Nearly always a sock.

Once at my desk, I made some tea - I often use a tea pot and leaf tea at work. Whatever little rituals make the work day nicer are pretty important, I reckon. That cup was given to me by Adele years ago and has been my work cup ever since.

At lunch time, I went out for some shopping. This isn't how I like to spend my lunch hour but I needed, badly, to get some new winter work trousers. Thankfully, Target makes short leg pants for women like me.

On the way back, I bought my favourite Kiwi Fruit juice from the grocer. Some days, I find it impossible to pass the stand. I should have take a photo. All the plastic containers are piled high on a bed of ice. It's irresistible.

At the newsagency, also on the way back to work, I lingered over the knitting and crochet magazines. There was nothing that spoke to me, since I already got Interweave Knits last week but it's always nice to look. I was hoping to pick up Interweave Crochet. Oh well.

The rest of the day passed in a deskbound blur. When I'd done a few jobs, I spent a bit of time mucking around with my blog. I'm trying to learn some new skills and in doing so, lost all my comments! RoseRed and I panicked by email but I figured out how to get them back. Honestly, I should leave well enough alone.

Once home (by bus), I rode 10km on our new exercise bike; had a delightful package delivered, which I'll write about anon; reheated moussaka for dinner and here I am. The newstory about Phil Spector has just been on and I'm feeling quite sad that someone so talented - those songs! - could end up in such a very sad state, going to prison for the rest of his life.

Shortly, I will knit until bedtime.

So there you have it. My day. Bit of a yawn really but that's what workdays are like.