Monday, 13 April 2009


Great progress was made on the February Baby Sweater today.

Feb Baby Jacket

Thanks to some sage advice from George, I managed to get the sleeve stitches onto stitch holders, thereby avoiding Elizabeth Zimmermann's instructions which would mean knitting the sleeves flat.

I imagine I will continue to ignore all other knitting until this is done, such is my love for it right now.

And speaking of sage, look at this.


My herb garden is bursting with sage at the moment and, fortuitously, the aforementioned autumn issue of Donna Hay features an entire section on recipes using sage. Tonight, we dined on sage. The real treat of this issue of Donna Hay's magazine has been learning about mixing herbs with salt. It seems obvious now, but, beginning with Thyme salt, we've been enthralled.

Tonight, we had chicken roasted with sage leaves under the skin and sage salt delicately adorning the dish before serving.


I'm a total convert to herb salts now - just bung the herb of your choice into a processor with a tablespoon or two of salt flakes and Bob's your uncle.

The sky's the limit, really.


ps do I really have to go back to work tomorrow? I've been so happy.