Friday, 3 April 2009


I'm not sure it's going to get me into a land in the sky where a nasty giant lives, but for the first time ever, I've got climbing beans, and taking this photo was a way to imagine, just for a moment, that climbing into the sky was possible.

climbing beans

We've been watching them climb the bamboo teepee that Sean built, training the tendrils as they grow higher and higher.

climbing beans1

The real issue though has been, now that summer is over and I'm finally getting some growth in the garden (see beetroots below the beans in the above shot!), will we get a crop before the frosts arrive?

climbing beans macro

There are flowers and itty-bitty beans. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get a crop. It may not be a bumper crop, but at least I'll know it's possible to grow climbing beans. I'll just have to get in early in next spring before the killer heat kicks in.

Two additional things: don't forget to leave a comment before midnight Saturday 4th April for a chance in the stitch marker contest.

Second, I'll have knitting content on the weekend. I promise! I have grand plans of tackling the Something Blue cardigan.