Saturday, 4 April 2009

Velvet Days

I promised Knitting Content. I hoped for so much more than I can give. That said, those of you who invested heavily in your internet time and left the much appreciated, deeply considered comments on my Something Blue cardigan are about to receive a pay off.

Just not right now. Probably tomorrow.

We had some plans for today and they didn't come off. After Sean slept late, I'd pretty much set the tone for the day by starting to work on said cardigan with tea and DVDs of recorded British crime. Such an addiction.

And that's more or less how the day went, with the occasional foray into the yard to hang washing out or examine the garden in its post-thunderstorm state.

I love days like today. Time slows down. We're coasting. It's beautiful.

So I worked on my Something Blue cardigan today and I'm mostly there. Those last rows of rib on a band do drag on somewhat, don't they? Over 200 stitches, back and forth. Bit of a yawn, but God I can't wait to wear this cardigan.

something blue band

I really should explain my chosen path on this project since so many of you had theories. In a series of considered emails, RoseRed and I came up with the idea that maybe I should try fixing the band first, in the hope that it might only take a couple of hours. If that didn't fix it, then I'd move onto the other more complex methods suggested by the vastly experienced readers.

Those of you who argued for more length in the body will no doubt, this moment, be asking, 'What were you on when you made that decision?'

Well might you ask. But trust me. You'll see why. Hopefully.

It's always appealing to try the easy option first right? Needless to say, if it works, I'll be exploring it all in the final post on the subject and then, oh boy, I'm getting on with my first Rowan Felted Tweed cardigan. Seriously, that's all that's getting me through right now. That and the Riesling.

Finally, some food and garden stuff because, in this daily blogging gig, I think I'm going to rely on food a lot. I picked a bunch of rocket (or arugula to the Americans) and mint this afternoon, with a few stray beans from one of the plants that managed to survive summer. The rocket is going crazy.

Garden bunch

I turned it into a grilled zucchini and feta salad and sent Sean out to buy lamb cutlets. With the aforementioned Riesling, we're quite happy here Chez Bellsnits this evening. Shortly Mythbusters will be over. I'll take off the enormous headphones I'm wearing right now and get on with the cardigan band.


Happy weekending everyone!