Friday, 24 April 2009

On Retreat

By the time this post appears, I will be away from home enjoying the first night of the Wollongong Knitting Retreat, or Knitting Camp, as it's also known.

This is my second year. Last year's camp was held in the dead of winter so I'm looking forward to experiencing the gorgeous surrounds of the Mt Keira Scout Camp in autumn.

Friday - Sunday we'll be knitting. And talking. And laughing. And eating. And drinking. There will also be some walking. We will sleep in dorm style rooms and spend the weekend with some of the finest people you could imagine.

And we will be happy.

I've spent this morning sorting through the knitting and proposed projects and have compiled it all, ready to go. I can simply not knit everything I'm taking. But I can have a damn good go at trying.

camp stuff

Why yes, that is a brand spanking new copy of Cookie A's Sock Innovation! Kylie and RoseRed and I and I will be casting on socks from this book this weekend!

Now to just shower, dress, pack a few comfy warm clothes for sitting around in and then to wait for Jejune to come and get me. What a lovely drive we will have!