Monday, 30 June 2008

Knitting Camp

RoseRed casting on her Endpaper Mitts

Knitting camp couldn't have been better. Well, maybe it could have, with the addition of a few more friends who I think would have had a blast. But from start to finish, knitting camp was all that I hoped for.

How could it not be in surroundings as beautiful as this?

And bushland like this

And a cabin to sit and knit in like this.

Add that to the hours and hours spent sitting around like this and you've got a pretty heavenly weekend.

I'm pretty sure it's not hard for you all to imagine that a weekend spent like this was fabulous. Knitting from dawn til God only knows when.

Oh and a bit of partying, too.

It was a Christmas in June weekend, you see. There's no other reason for the silly hats.

Donni said I could publish that photo. She said that in the car on the way home when we were parked on the side of the Federal Highway while her lovely husband walked some distance up the road to the petrol station. Why? Because the fuel ran out. Ten minutes out of Canberra. That gave us half an hour more knitting than we had bargained on for the weekend! *Hi Steve!*

I could tell you so many stories. I could tell you about the time I met Donna from Random Knits and declared it to be like meeting a rock star. But that would be embarrassing. Instead I'll just show you some yarn.

Perhaps I could tell you about what funny things that girl who works at Tapestry Craft did with egg nog. But that'd be talking out of school.

So I'll show you my pi shawl, which came out of hiding, instead.

I could probably even tell you about the crazy things we girls got up to late at night in our room, especially after Mel cracked a bottle of champagne after midnight, but some things should stay at camp, right?

What I can tell you is that if you get the chance to go on a retreat where knitting, or the craft of your choice, is the focus of the weekend, do yourself a favour and GO!!!

I got to meet some wonderful new friends and to spend some really valuable quality time with the friends I neither live near nor see often enough. Grabbed visits here or there are good but can't compare to a stretched out period across a weekend where we were together day in, day out. Nothing compares to that.

Not even the knitting.

Although it comes pretty bloody close.

It was a very happy weekend, made even happier by the news that came in at dawn on Saturday morning, via text message, that our dear friend George had had her baby. A girl. There was much cheering and happiness. I've seen the little poppet and she's lovely. She's got knitter's hands but I'll let her mum post photos of those when she's home and settled.

Special thanks to the women of CR&K Daisy Designs who kept us in food, tea and warmth and yarn to buy all weekend. It was all wonderful. Also thanks also to Ailsa for saving my clapotis (which still isn't finished. I'll save that story for the eventual post) and to Donni for the help in getting there and back.