Monday, 27 April 2009

Polly Goes Everywhere

Some months ago I started some socks. Some plain socks. Socks that were not plain in colour, but were plain in style. I'm sure nearly everyone agrees that highly variegated yarn simply must be knit into plain socks.

I began them and called them my Go Everywhere Socks, because they'd go everywhere with me as I knit them. I can report that they did. Like all the best plain knit socks, they covered a lot of ground before they ever get moving on a pair of feet.

Recently I finished them, having decided some time ago that they were not destined for my feet, but for those of a friend. Today, they were gifted. To Polly. She who lives in the country house I have mentioned previously as a place we LOVE to visit.

So here are Polly's Go Everywhere Socks. A birthday gift, quite aptly given on the first of our really cold weekends.

Polly's Birthday Socks

She absolutely loved them, having only seen my socks before. Soon, they were on her feet. The observant among you might notice the slightly pointy heel in the shot above. I'm at a loss to explain the excessive pointiness of the German heel, but I am fairly certain it will flatten down nicely with wear.

I had some sew on labels made up earlier this year and sewed one inside Polly's sock, in case she got it confused with any of her other knitted socks. ;-)

Knitting Label

The yarn is Fleece Artist in the Autumn colourway, I think. This was the yarn that a long time ago turned into a pile of tangled mess and reader Catherine offered to help me out by winding it up. I will be eternally grateful to Catherine for this!

The socks were worn throughout an afternoon of playing with our little friend, Mollie, who was also visiting, and Zebedee the dog.

Polly, Mollie and Zeb the Dog

I took along a hulking great slab of Nigella Lawson's Gingerbread and we dined on a feast of afternoon treats while outside the sky grew ever more ominous and the wind never quite let up.

Polly's Birthday Gingerbread

Inside in hand knitted socks is more or less how I plan to pass the coming winter and now Polly can do the same.