Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Bowl of Yarn

There is a lovely post over at Make Do and Mend today, where Mooncalf discusses the way in which she uses a large bowl to hold knitwear. Go have a look and then come back. The rest of this post will make more sense after that.

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Back? Good. Read on.

It got me to thinking and as I was thinking, I looked up from my laptop and saw the ceramic platter (which was a gift from my sister, Adele, on my 30th) which has for some time now featured some beloved skeins of yarn. Each of these skeins, bar the silver laceweight at the end, was a gift.

Yarn Art

I brought it out to the kitchen for the photo, because the lighting is better there, but the rest of the time, it sits on the coffee table in my lounge room. I try and keep the table clear so the platter can be the true centrepiece, but well, me and flat surfaces, we have a difficult relationship.

It's one of the few concessions I make to household decoration. I'm not really into it. I mean, I like the idea and little bits I've done please me but on the whole, it's not really my thing. The living room Yarn Art though, really makes my day some days. I look, admire, and feel glad that I have left the skeins out as adornment. 

It's useful, too. Most recently, when I was cast adrift in a sea of darkness, two skeins of palest blue koigu were in my direct line of vision every time I looked up from another darkly coloured piece of knitting. I stared at it long enough that I knew I had to knit it. 

If it had been put away with all the other stash, I might not have considered it. It might not have saved me from drowning in the black, or nearly black projects that seemed to be multiplying daily.

And so I love my yarn art. But I also rather like Mooncalf's idea of a bowl of knitwear by the door. If only I had enough hats and mittens to fill one.

I think there might be a bout of small/accessory knitwear looming on the horizon. 

+ + +

And finally, I've had a few requests for where to get the knitwear labels from yesterday's post. The answer is, I have no idea. I can't remember. I've long since lost the details but I will try and remember!