Sunday, 10 May 2009

Autumn Flowers and Mother's Day

Today was one those days that reminds me why I live in Canberra. The words 'clear' 'clean' and 'crisp', although overused, are the words that always come to mind in autumn and winter when the sun shines.

We did a lot of sorting of papers, clothes and other clutter that builds up over time. I hated every minute of it, but of course it's necessary. I soothed myself by wandering around the yard for a while in the afternoon.

I adore my Swan River Daisies.

swan river daisies

And the marigolds that I grew from seed last year. Growing stuff from seed doesn't often work for me but this, and the alyssum you can see in the background, both did really well and once the scorching of summer was over, they came into their own.


Here's a clearer shot of the alyssum. I need more of this next spring. I can't get enough of it.


Gazanias are, for me, as gorgeous as sunflowers. They open fully only in bright sunlight so they always seem so happy.


Same with calendula. Another flower that seems to have the sunlight trapped in its petals. I've not grown it before and say this will not be the last time I try it.


And finally, our calistemon, a sentimental favourite for us. It's a native, known more commonly as the bottle brush and I promise to photograph the glorious red flowers when they show up. They're just starting, see the little buds?


It's a special plant for us because it commemorates the loss of our babies. It was planted for the first, and now we think of both of them when we stop and admire it. The fact that in the last year it's grown so tall and strong is a metaphor not lost on us.

I spent a little time admiring it today, and thinking about how Mother's Day is inevitably a hard and sad day for those of us who long to be mothers, and those of us who were, briefly, mothers to little souls who didn't stay around very long. There's no gift card for that occasion.

I suppose that's why I focused on my flowers today. I went to the shops and everywhere there were kids and men carrying bunches of flowers they were taking home to mums. I cut some marigolds for myself and put them in a vase in the bathroom. For remembering. If you are like me, and remembering, I'm sorry. It's important to remember.