Tuesday, 12 May 2009

FO: Blackrose socks

Are handknit socks sexy? Probably not often, and definitely not if they're the ugly acrylic monstrosities I saw in the window of Sussan today. Lurid colours, saggy and with pom poms attached. *shudder*

But these ones? I'm gonna go out on a limb and declare them my first ever sexy knitted socks.

Blackrose Socks - leg

These beauties are the second pair in my Personal Sock Club '09 and I love them. Let me introduce you.

Blackrose Socks - Foot

Pattern: Blackrose from Knittyspin. The original socks are knit from handspun sock yarn. Yeah, like that was ever gonna happen. Instead I chose:

Yarn: Socks that Rock (lightweight) in Ravenscroft from Bluemoon Fibre Arts. I think this is close to, if not my favourite sock yarn. It competes very closely with Koigu because i think they both work up a bit similarly.

Needles: 2.5mm knitpicks circular for magicloop method. This was one of those times that magicloop was a skill worth having. The pattern was written for it in that the stitches sat evenly on each needle and it all went so smoothly except for in the beginning when I stuffed up. Twice. But after that I was ok.

Time: February 21 2009 - April 29 09. They shouldn't have taken that long. It's a dead easy, gorgeous pattern with just a little bit of a lace panel that is practically begging to be committed to memory.

Modifications: None.

Blackrose Socks - plain sections

They're not quite so sexy on the plain side, but the colours are nice and they wear like a dream. Almost. They gape ever so slightly about the heel but I'm not going to quibble over such a minor flaw when they're beautiful socks, my first for this winter.

Time to dip into the Personal Club stash for the next pair, I think. Oh what fun!


ps thank you for the kindness and understanding over my Mother's Day sadness. I try not to live in that space but going there is inevitable sometimes.