Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Averting Disaster

At some point over the weekend, one of the nightmares every knitter experiences started to loom frighteningly on the horizon. I saw it coming and for a day or two I lived in a state of denial. I tried to knit faster - because we all know that helps.

It became apparent on Sunday that was going to run out of yarn with well over half the border of my brother's pi blanket left. To refresh your memory, I am knitting a fairly wide garter stitch border onto the blanket. It's taking FOREVER.

pi edge

It turns out I'm knitting it wider than it needs to be. I'm doing eight stitches, which is what Elizabeth Zimmermann recommends but she's also talking about a laceweight shawl when she recommends that. There's a fair bit of difference between laceweight and the 12ply I'm using here.


But then, RoseRed, genius that she is, came up with a brilliant idea, one that would save me from having to buy a whole 200g ball of Bendigo when in reality I'd need a lot less than that. I put the word out on Ravelry for someone to let me know if they had any scraps of this yarn left over. Within an hour I had an offer from a kindly knitter in Sydney and tonight, it arrived. Two days after I put the call out.

Here's what I had left tonight. Just a measly 4g.


I was disappointed to think that I might not be able to knit on it any more tonight because I'm truly buggered at the moment and not up for anything more complex than garter stitch.

Then, because Sean had suggested we get takeaway for dinner, I discovered there was a parcel at the front door. I'd missed it, getting home after dark and going in the back door. But there it was, as I handed over the cash for dinner, sitting there on the front step waiting for me.


A whole 118g of Rustic 12ply in Red Tweed. I might just get this finished in the next day or so.


And yes, for the observant among you, I have indeed missed the deadline for my brother's birthday. It was this weekend just gone. He knows there's something coming and I reckon next week, he'll get it.

So thank you to my donor. I am unspeakably grateful. And I reckon she ended up happy to with the little arrangement we came to as part of the deal. But that's another story.