Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It's polite to share

After the Victorian bushfires, there were all manner of great ways in which people could donate to the cause for helping victims put their shattered lives back together.

One of those ways, of particular interest to the knitters and crocheters amongst us, was to donate to the Red Cross and leave a comment over at Serendipity to say you'd done so. Contributors went into the draw for an astounding array of prizes donated from all over the place. There was much buzz.

I didn't win anything. That's ok. Really. It would have been wonderful but that wasn't really the point.

RoseRed, on the other hand, scored big time. One whole kilogram of cashmere was hers for the choosing from Colourmart in the UK. That's 2.2lbs of cashmere, for the non-metric among you.

And she could choose cones of heaven in any colour or weight combination she liked. You can imagine the discussions that flew back and forth across cyberspace. Days of examination. Hours and hours of agonising. Dreams galore.

And the absolute best part of all this? RoseRed said she was going to share her bounty with me. Is that not the most wonderful generosity?

So the agonising was mine, too. I could choose a cone of anything I liked and so I did. Behold.


This is a 150g/5.2 ounce cone of laceweight cashmere to call my very own. It was delivered by Kylie on the weekend, who took her mission most seriously.

Want to know the yardage? Sure you do.

2103 metres, or 2300 yards. Bloody hell. What's a girl to do with that much laceweight cashmere?

Well for a start, I'm just going to love it. And love it. And love it. And some day, I'll knit it into something really, really big. Just not any time soon. This thing's gonna need some seroius training first. Some preparation. Some build up.

Oh and I might have to finish this black beauty first. And have a little rest. Then, maybe I'll be ready.

Myrtle Shawl At Camp

For now I'm happy to dream. Dreaming is good. So are friends who share. Thanks RoseRed.