Sunday, 17 May 2009

A Pretty Outfit

I've had a lovely but very busy weekend. Visiting family, lots of time with friends, a birthday party and an absolute orgy of yarn buying. You know the rush that's followed by a sudden, overwhelming crash? That's how I'm feeling right now. But I've got some stuff to show for it.

I finished baby Alice's second little set. I knew from people like Kim and George that knitting for baby girls was fun, but until I got the bug, I didn't imagine I'd do a lot of it. Doesn't Alice look adorable in her new hat? Here she is being held by her Aunty Adele who was in town for the weekend.

Alice in her baby hat

And here's the full set.

Alice in her Baby Kimono

This was a very fun little ensemble. The yarn was a gift, many moons ago, from Generally Gemma. Gemma is in the UK and the yarn is a now discontinued line by indie dyer Easy Knits. It makes me think of candy apples.

The kimono is from The Complete Fabrication. The smallest size is available free but if you buy the pattern you get sizes going up to age three. I reckon I'll make a few of these for Alice before then. Although next time I'll crochet an edging around the neck. It's quite open and floppy on her and I think needs a little stability. Her parents were very happy with it.

The hat is a pattern by Blue Sky Alpacas. It knitted up in the blink of an eye.

I have to say that cuddling a baby in hand knits is pretty close to heaven. Thanks Gemma for the gift, so long ago. I had no idea it would one day clothe my sweet little niece.

Tomorrow, I'll post about the orgy of wooly goodness that was the Celebration of Wool event I went to today. For now, I'm gonna go play with the new additions to my stash.