Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Delicate and pretty

Look at this adorable little piece of delicate prettiness.

Wool brooch

It's a wool brooch and it came to be mine because of Princess Pea. Some time ago, Anna held a contest to give away a pair of socks she'd made but which sadly didn't fit her. Anna preferred to see the beautiful socks go to a good home rather than languishing in her sock drawer.

Lucky me, I won the contest, knowing that the socks would possibly not fit me, but being pink and lovely, they'd hopefully fit, and very much suit, my sister.

They did and they have been gifted. Adele adored them. You can see the beautiful Om Shanti socks here.

The rest of the package included all manner of pretty signs of exquisite taste, something I've come very much to associate with Anna and her little corner of the blogosphere. I wish I had half her eye for style and beauty. There was foot soap, foot butter and a beautiful card, all delightfully presented.

I'm afraid I kept the other treats. Adele had the socks. In a rash display of greed, I kept the rest of the package. I'm sure Anna understands!

I haven't worn the wool brooch yet although it would definitely go with my shawls. I'm just a little bit afraid of losing it. Call me crazy. There's probably no need at all. But it's lovely and I'm grateful, Anna. Thank you.