Monday, 1 June 2009

Cardigan weather

Today being the first day of June and, by some calendars, the first day of winter, I really hoped I'd be wearing a cardigan of my own making by now.

Yes, I have cardigans I've made in the past, some of them I even like, but I want one that I've made since last winter, one I've not yet broken in, so to speak. One that isn't for autumn days would also be nice.

I have such a cardigan but alas, it's not yet finished. I got a bit caught up with baby knitting and gift knitting throughout April and May and even with a week's leave behind me, it's not yet done.

My February Lady Sweater. Or cardigan. Dammit. I prefer cardigan. It's not a sweater. A sweater to me is a jumper worn by people in America (although Wikipedia says differently. Pfft. Who said Wikipedia was the last word on everything anyway?)

This is in no way a jumper.

February Lady Sweater

Can you imagine how many stupid photos I took in the bathroom mirror of me wearing it? Not one was decent so as I was about to give up in despair, I remember just a few days ago Kylie hung her half-done Liesl on a coat hanger. Bingo! One half-done February Lady Sweater Cardigan.

Now if I could just get it finished. I'm getting there but I can't help thinking that my eyelet increases are far higher up than anyone else's I've seen. Anyone who's made this got thoughts? In the pattern Pamela Wynne says to do at least three rows after the eyelet increases but there was no way mine was long enough by then so I kept going, which is also what she says to do without any real indication of even roughly how many rows this should be.

If I've done it wrong, it's gonna be a lot longer before I get to wear my first cardigan of the season. There's a photo here if you're inclined to have a look and see that it does appear to fit me, despite the odd placement of my increases.

In happier news, my Personal Yarn Detangler, Catherine, who kindly responded to my cry for help last week, returned my tangled purple yarn today, the yarn I need for a top secret and fairly urgent project. How's that for service? She also sent back some white yarn I've had sitting around in a mess since I first had a go at it last year, more months ago than I care to say. She even included Chuppa Chups stuffed inside the purple yarn.


Everyone needs a Personal Yarn Detangler. Mine is even a minor celeb, having been interviewed on ABC Radio over the weekend about knitting and knitting groups. So thank you Catherine. You got me out a jumble and I'm most appreciative.