Friday, 24 July 2009

Knitting Teddy Bear

My not-so-little brother has quite the knack for unusual or unique gifts. You can't help but look at him sometimes, at that big dome shaped head of his and wonder what's going on inside. Once in a while, you are reminded that there's all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff happening.

When he told he was making my birthday gift, I was puzzled, to say the least. The last I knew of him making anything, he was a teenager making video montages that were both funny and touching. As far as I knew, he wasn't doing that sort of thing anymore, so what on earth could it be?

Then he showed up with this.

Knitting Teddy

He'd gone to the Teddy Bear shop hoping they had a knitting teddy bear. They didn't, but the sales assistant had a suggestion for him. She sold him a bear and sent him on his way.

He and his girlfriend, Lisa, came up with this little guy. Lisa provided the knitting and Keith did all the requisite attaching of the needles and yarn to the bear.

See the bells attached to the fabric? Keith attached those so that the bear is....wait for it....

Knitting with Bells!

I love it. I totally love it. What a cute, clever gift! Thank you little brother. He's just adorable and he'll have pride of place on the table beside where I knit. I want to name him, because he comes with a birth certificate. Wonder what sort of name suits him? Suggestions welcome!

EDITED: I have had a couple of suggestions already of having a naming competition. Tell me what you think he should be called and somehow I'll come up with a winner!

* * *

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I've been plugging away at my Tour de France cardigan. I've not posted updates because miles of stocking stitch does not make for fun blogging, but I'm happy to report that I will absolutely make it in under the deadline of Sunday night.


Between tonight and Sunday, I have only got to knit one sleeve and given that the first one seemed to happen quite without me noticing it, including needing to take off the cuff and knit a little more length into it, I reckon I'll be done before I know it. Tonight, we are having a night of eating and drinking and watching the tour with our country friends. They all know about my deadline. They'll be cheering me on to the finishing line, I've no doubt.

Stay tuned for the finished cardigan in a few days!