Sunday, 16 August 2009

Myrtle. Twelve Weeks From Here.

As I've been recovering from all this illness and working steadily on my Myrtle Leaf shawl, I've been pondering where one goes with a new, beautiful piece of lace.

Myrtle Leaf Shawl - 26 repeats in

She's not finished yet and she won't be for some weeks, but it's lovely to look into the future, imagine yourself draped in black silk and going somewhere special, and make a few plans.

In a cafe yesterday afternoon, bathed in winter sunlight, I worked on Myrtle while Sean and I drank coffee and tea. I said to him I thought Myrtle ought to get to go out when she's done. Somewhere special. I began to imagine a nice restaurant or even just a walk somewhere beautiful for some dramatic photos and then it hit me.

In November, exactly twelve weeks from today, we've got a big night out coming up. Tori Amos, a woman whose work I have loved often to the near exclusion of all others for 18 years, is touring again and on 16 November she'll be playing the Sydney Opera House.

The last time we saw her there was a beautiful evening in 2005. We drank champagne overlooking Sydney Harbour and went inside shortly after for a truly spectacular performance, during which I'm not ashamed to say I cried.

In November we'll see here there again and at least two other knitters I know are going to the same show. Ailsa and Jody. The venue, the friends, the music all mean that I must work hard to get Myrtle done by then - I imagine she'll be finished well in advance, but she'll have her debut that night.

I simply can't wait.