Friday, 14 August 2009

Cauchy Socks - What Took You So Long?

Being ill this week has been good for my desire to get things off the needles. I was struck down, mid-flu bout, with a bacterial infection and now have tonsillitis. This has been a real doozy of a week.

But there has been much knitting (including the black Myrtle leaf shawl, but that's just growing and not very newsworthy) which is excellent for productivity.

So I bring you Exhibit A. Sean's new socks which, I'm ashamed to admit, were begun way back in April at Knitting Camp. They were begun as a little Knit Along with RoseRed and Kylie, both of whom beat me some time ago. You can see RoseRed's version (she came second) here, and Kylie's version here. All three of us knitted these for the significant men in our lives.

So what took me so long?

Sean's Cauchy Socks

Were they difficult? No. Boring? Yes. But the result is good so I'm willing to forgive them. I would say, that out of all the socks in Cookie A's book, Sock Innovation, these are the least innovative socks.

The pattern is boring because it's not difficult enough to keep your interest, not even a little bit, but not simple enough that you can just whizz through it. You have to keep at least one eye on the purl stitches to form the pattern. But it's not bad. Honestly. And it's easily modified to make it a little bigger - you just an extra knit stitch at the end of each pattern repeat, taking the pattern to 66 stitches, which is more like it.

More to the point though, I chose a really boring colour. It's not a bad colour in and of itself, but I kept being distracted by prettier colours in my stash and working on those instead. I don't mean to do Patonyle a disservice. It's really, really wonderful sock yarn. But oh their colours are so very limited.

That said, Sean chose this for himself and I am a most obliging wife (a wife of five years today, as it happens!) so when the moment came to put these on his feet, and we saw how very well they fit, we both knew the wait had been worth it.

Cauchy Socks

Anyone care to guess what was on the tv when I took this shot? I bet Kylie can guess since I think she was watching the very same thing at the very same time. Yep, a lunch time screening of the 2006 adaptation of Jane Eyre. Sigh.

Wonder what socks I'll knit next? Time for something fun, to shake things up a bit I think.