Saturday, 22 August 2009

Winter loses its hold

This week I began arriving home in daylight. Well something that passes for daylight. Once or twice I even ventured out without a coat on - but it's still cold enough for knitwear. Don't worry - I'm not giving that up any time soon. Canberra is still in the grip of winter.

The grip is just a little bit looser.

The bulbs are continuing to emerge, even in places where I thought there were none anymore.

This the Pickwick crocus that I love so much. Can't manage to be home when the sun is at its highest and the bud would be open, so I keep catching it only when it's shut up for the day. Lots of my crocus bulbs didn't seem to survive this summer so when I found this one hiding down among the greenery, I was pretty happy to see it.

Pickwick crocus Aug 09

It never fails to make me think of Charles Dickens which is silly since I've never even read The Pickwick Papers.

The purple theme continues with this fully open anemone. It amazes me how they are such tiny buds and yet they open up to be so very big.

Purple Anemone Aug 09

And finally a Daffodil in the setting sun.

Daffodil in Sunlight

Sean had a lovely time wandering around the yard yesterday morning before work spying all the daffs that are up and about. They're special to him. His late, maternal grandfather, who I never met, was particularly fond of them and Sean has assured me that wherever we go, there will be daffodils every spring as a way of keeping his grandfather a little closer. I don't think that's a big ask, do you?

We're off this morning to visit Kylie for the weekend, to hang out and to collect some Socks that Rock yarn she got when I piggy backed on her order. What fun!