Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 14: QandA

Today's post is blatantly stolen borrowed from a blogger who is relatively new to me. Pea Soup. She makes lovely shawls and takes lovely photos and getting to know her through her knitting and writing has been an altogether ideal blog reading experience.

Blogtoberfest is hard work. Fun, but hard work and I think lots of us find the middle section is when the cracks begin to show. On the whole though, I'm loving the act of writing every day and was reminded of one of the benefits of this exercise recently in a conversation with Lyn of Shades of Grey. Writing daily is good, for writers. Even just a little bit. It's what author Anthony Trollope advocated and he published 49 novels in his lifetime.

He famously wrote

"A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labors of a spasmodic Hercules."

How fittingly that could be applied to so many aspects of our lives! Exercise, household chores, reading....the list goes on.

So to the point of today's post. On her blog, Suse conducted a QandA session. She invited questions from readers so I will do the same. That will take care of today's post and tomorrow's. Ask away! Anything at all, knitting related or otherwise, within reason, obviously. I reserve the right to refuse to answer some questions!

I'll close with a photo of the Myrtle shawl. I'm still slogging through the border. Four weeks til I see Tori Amos at the Opera House and so four weeks, at most, til this lovely but now rather tedious shawl is done!

Myrtle Leaf Shawl - border