Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 13: Cardigan Weather & a Public Service Announcement

I thought that by now, we'd be nearing the end of Cardigan Weather. I think most of us did, but the environment being what it is these days, such things are no longer anywhere near as predictable. I stopped knitting cardigans a couple of months ago because I figured there weren't too many serious cardigan days left (at least not by the time I got another one completed) and so moved onto Other Things.

But check out this sky.

Grey Skies

Does this look like cardigan weather is coming to an end? No. Not on your life. Our days are, for the most part, incredibly bleak at the moment. I could have kept knitting cardigans out of light wool. Should have. Oh well.

A couple of weeks ago I started a cotton cardigan. I figure at the rate we're going, I'll get considerable wear out of this if I can get it done in reasonable time.

It's called Golden Vintage and it's an 8ply/DK weight cotton pattern that doesn't appear to have been around very long.

Golden Vintage - back

It's an elegant, simple pattern with some mock cabling around the base, as you can see in the above photo. And the cotton is a definite stash busting item. It was a parting gift from Shazmina Bendi before she moved to London a couple of years ago.

It's Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply cotton in a colour called Gum Leaf. How very Australian.

It's making for some very nice mindless knitting when I need a break from the Black Myrtle Leaf shawl which progresses still.

* * *

I have a public service announcement to make. I recieved a message today from an old friend who now lives all the way over in Perth. She belongs to a band of knitters who are going to walk and knit for an excellent cause. I'll let Helen tell the story.

Members of the Western Australian Ravelry group are taking part in the Cancer Council WA’s Relay for Life on the weekend of 24/25 October at Joondalup Arena. We will be knitting as we walk to make blankets to be auctioned off at the event.

Part of our fundraising is a yarn raffle that is being conducted through the blog Casa Esmerelda, with fabulous yarn, fibre and knitting related prizes.

Details about the raffle and how to donate are at Casa Esmerelda.


I reckon a band of knitters who plan to walk and knit for a cause are absolutely worth our time and money. I definitely want to see photos from that. If you're keen to help, pop over to the site and see what you can do. Hint: there's Wollmeise among the prizes!