Friday, 16 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 16: Contest Winner and Answers PtII

Today, I drew a winner for the Buttontreelane bag contest. So many entries! By the time I took out the double ups and the people who didn't wish to be in the running, we had 109 names in the metaphorical hat.

The hat was actually a table in a word document during a quiet moment at work today. So, here's the bag again, the Box for Socks, which was understandably popular. I bought from Michelle's Etsy store, by the same name. Buttontreelane.

The winner is Sarah from the UK. Her blog is All Fingers and Thumbs and it's lovely.

A couple more answers from the QandA session from earlier this week.

Fractalchic - How many knitted items have you frogged for one reason or another?
Well, I couldn't say how many because for the most part, once frogged a project is forgotten. Sure I can remember that I tried about three different shawls from Victorian Lace Today before settling on Myrtle, or I tried to knit Ishbel several times earlier this year. But there are cardigans I've tried; socks I've abandoned; the list goes on.

Some people, like RoseRed, rarely abandon projects. I think that's because some people think very, very carefully about a project before casting on. Each one is thought through, considered carefully, researched and settled on after the certainty of it's being the right one is reached. I don't do that so much. Or rather, I do, but I still get it wrong. So I frog. Life's too short.

Nellie: What motivates you the most when embarking on a new project? Is it learning new techniques or the possibility of creating something unique and lovely?
It's never just one or the other. Like most of us, my head is turned easily by something new and attractive. It's not always about learning new skills though. Sometimes it's nice to just use skills I already have and concentrate on something beautiful. Other times, it's definitely about the skills. Like with the Myrtle shawl. A pattern that has no purl rows, no rest rows, with a knitted on border in fine silk? That was absolutely about trying something I'd never done.

Sometime this weekend, if we're lucky, there'll be another guest post - this time from Sean! I really hope he comes through with the goods soon because I'd very much like a break.

Also, tomorrow night I'm going to a party for Sara from work - her 21st. I'm pretty sure I'm going to post about that. I bet there'll be loads of material to capture!

Have a good one everyone!