Monday, 19 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 18: Guest Post - Adventures of a Forgotten Hat

Having featured heavily on Bellsknits over the years (or at least my son has) it almost seems unnecessary to introduce myself – however, I’ll do it anyway. I am Bells' younger sister (only by 2yrs 9mths!) - Adele. I read Bellsknits, however I have next to no interest in knitting (much to the despair of Bells). That’s not to say I am “anti-knitter”!! Oh no – not at all. I admire those who throw themselves into the world of all things wool – I just choose not to partake in it.

Having said that – I will gladly accept any knitted good from Bells, be it for me or my lovely husband and son. Thankfully Bells has furnished us with many a knitted or crocheteditem, some grand like my son’s baby blanket or small like an ipod cosy.

will's blanket1

So when thinking about a topic for my very first blog post I thought it should probably contain a knitted theme. So here goes...

In my line of the work I have the privilege of working in the area of dams (yes, dams – big bodies of water held back by a big wall of concrete, dirt etc.) My department frequently inspects dams and occasionally I get to tag along and “inspect” them. I try to look intelligent as I inspect them – lots of meaningful stares and head nodding – and the occasional chin rub in a knowing way.

Recently, we went to a place called Cabramurra. Cabramurra is the highest permanently inhabited town in Australia, located in the Kosciuszko National Park, NSW.

After much discussion in my office it was decided that the weather would be freezing and no doubt many layers of clothes would be needed as there was word of snow approaching. Fabulous, I thought!!! I could drag out my beautiful pink coat for one last time before the Spring weather turned to warm. And...I could wear my fetching blue knitted beanie made so lovingly my dear sister and which had looked terrible on me until I took the time to grow my hair.

So off we went, my work colleagues and I. As promised, it decided to snow on our first morning.

A friend and I had decided we would go swimming at 6am in the heated pool. Brrrr.... As we raced out of the pool room with only a towel around our waists the snow drifted down upon us and my trusty blue beanie kept me warm.

In Sydney on this particular day people woke up to the red sky and dust, which had to be seen to be believed. In the Snowy Mountains, I woke to snow and freezing temperatures. I wore my lovely blue beanie at every opportunity. I may not be interested in knitting – but I certainly see the point of a well-made knitted good.

The interesting thing is – Bells can’t even remember making it for me. She has no memory of it. I guess you can’t remember every piece you make – especially if you have a life-long love affair with knitting. But the lovely thing is – as a receiver of a blanket, scarf, a beanie, a cardigan, an ipod cosy and socks – I am in the lovely position of remembering who made them for me. Each time I look at my blanket (I know there is a technical name for it Bells – but I can’t remember it (She's talking about the Hemlock Ring Blanket!!), I think of the one who made it. Each time I put on my scarf or pull out my ipod from its cosy – I recall the face of the girl who gave it to me. Everytime my son puts on his knitted blue vest or looks at his insect book with a picture of a spider making its web – we think of Aunty Bells and we call the spider the “knitting spider”.

I love that Bells is never far from my mind and never far from a phone call, a text or an email. I love that I see reminders of her all around my home. She’s an important part of my life and her little gifts over the years remind me of that fact constantly.

Thanks Bells.