Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 21: Sean's Post - What is it like to exist in the 3rd person?

As requested by a few loyal Bellsknits readers, Sean will be writing this post.

I mean I will be. Me - the Knitting Widow, previously only known in the third person.

So what to say...

Bells does indeed knit, and collect stash, or at least it follows her home or arrives in the mail and then it gets knitted up like magic into amazing things; some she wears, some she gives away to others, or occasionally I get these magical items.

Existing in the third person means that the world that this is, is something that I only (usually) participate in as a voyeur. The posts are created around me. Like the knitting, it's a constant movement of fibre and light mixed by hand, bamboo, wood or steel into objects that then exist both here (online) and here in space, often leaving the house where they were created and making a return as an image of a smiling happy individual who has been gifted with said item. Or if under age of two just smiling anyway oblivious to the effort and joy in creation - although I suspect the love is felt for real.

Like all knitters and other crafters of the partnered demographic I suspect Bells has secret ways of making the stash look smaller than it is, I'm constantly amazed by the number of friends she is bringing wool home for, I suspect their partners feel the same way.

So the magic happens around me, I watch with various degrees of interest and hear about whatever challenges or excitements come along. In fact, Bells was never a numbers person but I, having passed all high school maths without any effort on my part, got lumbered with the adding and subtracting needing to be done in our life together. However, as her knitting has progressed, less has she asked me to do the maths, so there readers, you can claim knitting is educational, because another excuse to knit is something that I understand is important to you all.

Now I suspect I am more a text than a visual person, (despite my grammar foibles which may not make it through a good edit) so I shall give you a photo of where the magic happens. This is my view from my desk, behind the couch where Bells knits and blogs and reads and knits some more.

I also think that this blog is a good thing, as I believe she mentioned in a land long long ago, Bells used to try to write Serious Literature, a very noble pursuit, one that I did my best to encourage, but she always struggled, as I suspect even Booker and Pulitzer prize winners do. But they are the old world, and I am so very pleased that Bells has worked out that the new world, where you are come and share and participate and help each other, is a much better place to be. I suspect that one day there will be awards for great blogs and judging by all your responses this is at least one of those making a contribution to the quality end of the spectrum.

I'm not going to try to describe myself here, as the image you have is the one that Bells has already shared, and I think she does a great job, especially as she overlooks some of my flaws better than I would. I might try my hand at blogging one day, but I don't have the passion for things the way Bells does. Her passion is one of the many reasons I love her.

Perhaps what I can do is give away some of her secrets. Yes she is as wonderful and caring and doting as she seems. Yes, her knitting and writing and photography are hers alone, although very occasionally I get to assist with lighting the shot, something I did know a bit more about, but she seems to have worked it all out herself now.

Thanks for reading. It's been fun writing to you all.