Monday, 26 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 26: The Gentle Art of Frogging

Frogging, or for the non-knitting readers, ripping out your work and ditching what seemed like a perfectly good idea at some point, is sometimes a vital act in every knitter's life.

We've all done it. If we say we haven't, we are lying. Some people do it more than others. Some people claim almost to never do it and we might even believe them, right RoseRed?

See these three balls of wound up wool?

Frogged Knitting

These were rescued from a bag hanging on the back of my spare room door yesterday and unceremoniously ditched.

On the left, in Wensleydale 4ply, my third attempt at Ishbel.

The red is Drops Alpaca which was the sleeve of a Drops cardigan pattern. Have I mentioned how much I hate Drops patterns? No? They are so clumsily written up. I detested it.

Finally, Liza Souza sock yarn which had been a Crocus scarf (a crochet pattern). I began it well over a year ago and it wasn't like the pattern was awful. In fact I loved it, but it was almost completed and used barely a third of the skein. I didn't want to have 2/3 of a skein left when I could use the whole skein for something else. So Crocus went too.

And I feel so relieved. The weight of those projects was getting to me, mocking me and reminding me of failure to see something through, of yarn that was being held back.

Gone. And my stash room is, in the process of having tidied it up a bit, much better for it, too. Just as well, because I'm having a visitor next week and she'll need somewhere to sleep, won't you Dr K? Check out her post today - she's got another fun photo from the Myrtle shawl photo shoot.

Oh and by the way, Alice says hi.