Sunday, 4 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 4: Doesn't Alice know I have to post daily?

Sometimes, little people just don't do what you want them to do. I know, i know, all the parents out there are shaking their heads and saying 'we know!'

And really I knew that, too but knowing that we were spending all of today with Baby Alice again while her parents finished off the house move, I had visions of what this post would be like.

I mentioned the garter stitch bib I made a few days ago and how I'd put it on Alice today. I saw the photos in my mind's eye. I knew JUST how it would look, all cherubic in her hand knitted bib.

Well I tried, but she's a very little seven month old baby and the bib is huge on her! She could almost be wrapped in it. But she hated it. She was Not Happy. She tried to tear it off and utterly rejected it! Same with the moss stitch bib I made. We've got her again tomorrow (because she's staying overnight!!) and so I'll try again. I do so want to see her wear them but really, it's up to her isn't it?

Instead, we'll have to make do with a shot of one of the fun things we did today. We took her to Aldi, because it's such a gloomy day here today, we risked Cabin Fever if we stayed in the whole time.

For the first time I got to try out a baby carrier at the shops. Wow those things are actually a bit of a drag on a person's neck aren't they? Do you get used to it? Conceptually I love the idea of hands free baby transport but wow, the relief when I took it off was huge!


I'm happy to report she's fast asleep now and maybe she'll even stay that way. Yeah, I can hear all the parents laughing at me. I'm sure her parents will enjoy a full and restful night's sleep. It remains to be seen how Sean and I go!