Monday, 5 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 5: Bibs Galore

Finally, I got my lovely niece to wear her bibs. Cooperatively. Happily even. A full night's sleep (yes, I'm serious! A full night with no middle of the night wake up calls!) seemed to help a lot in this regard.

First, the Baby Bib O' Love from Mason Dixon Knitting. Simple as could be.

Garter Stitch Bib

Second, the Modern Cabled Baby Bib. A nice freebie.

Modern Bib

Both are made from Peaches n Cream cotton and both are lightning fast to make. If my sister likes them I'll make her more. Alice seemed to get into them. The garter stitch one went home dirty so I'd say that's a success, as bibs go.

The house is pretty quiet now and just a little destroyed. How does a person who doesn't yet move around on her own make so much mess?

Tomorrow, we have a guest post as I'm flying to Melbourne and back for the day and don't have any desire to fit a blog post into that. Stay tuned!