Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Knitters are the best people

Imagine this.

Monday morning and your husband decides, after much indecision, that he will drive to Sydney that night to see his favourite Swedish metal band on stage at the Enmore theatre. And that we'll drive home afterwards so we won't lose a day's work. That's a 3 hour drive each way and the concert wouldn't finish til nearer midnight.

After all my cajoling, all my insistence that he should indulge himself once in a while, he decided to do it and I knew then that I had to come through with the goods and actually support him! I think I quietly suspected he wouldn't decide to do it.

Part of the reason he decided to do it was, I think, was because I said I could come with him to share the driving and that I'd be able to find company in Newtown on a Monday night. How does one find company in a city that isn't one's home on a rainy Monday night?

Easy! It's called Twitter! Put the word out to the knitters you know live nearby and see if, at the last minute, they want to hang out. Within an hour or two, super organised and connected knitter Webgoddess had organised an impromptu Knitting Salon at her house for seven.

We left work early and I dropped my Swedish metal loving husband on King Street. Trusty iphone GPS application in hand, I found my way to my destination easily and what followed was an exceedingly pleasing evening of vegetable curry, knitting around the dining table, (a little) wine, much chatting and laughter and finally, when most had left, an episode of Pride and Prejudice on a screen much larger than I am used to. Who knew that Lizzie Bennet's cleavage commanded such attention? The things you miss on a modest TV screen.

Around midnight, Sean and I were on the road, driving home on roads glossy with much needed rain, and arrived home at 3:30am. I was thinking as I drove how wonderful it is to be connected to knitters, even virtually. Some women came last night who I knew only vaguely from Ravelry but they put aside a Monday evening and came to hang out and knit and eat curry and Peanut Butter cups and laugh and it was all arranged with a few quick tweets and emails. Suddenly Sean knew he could leave me in good hands while he did his thing.

That, my friends, is yet another benefit of being part of this fabulous community.

I was going to end by saying that next time we decide to drive to Sydney and back over night for a bunch of Swedish long haired blokes, remind me of how crappy and tired we felt the next day, but actually I think I won't say that because being impulsive once in a while is fun and in the process, you can make new friends.