Monday, 16 November 2009

Mitered Hanging Towel

The Canberra group on Ravelry recently held its inaugural swap. There was no particular theme, just a timeframe and instructions to stalk your swap partner to figure out what was best for them.

My swap partner, despite being local, was unknown to me and stalking was challenging, but fun. She crochets mainly, has not much in the way of stash and expressed a bit of fear about knitting so I figured I'd knit something for her that was both useful and a little bit clever.

I settled on the Mason Dixon Mitered Hanging Towel from their book, Knitting Outside the Lines which I'd seen RoseRed make last year and had had on my mental to do list for some time. I'm only sorry I took so long to getting around to making it, only to give it away. Not that I'm sorry to have made it for my swap partner, but well, you know, I'm kicking myself I didn't make one for me too. I guess I'll just have to make another one soon because this literally was finished in one day.

Mason Dixon Mitered Hanging Towel

Two episodes of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South (oh Mr Thornton!) and a bit of Sunday night ABC drama, and it was done!

Peaches and Cream cotton, 4.5mm needles. Voila!

And the button, up close.

Mason Dixon Handtowel

A nice match I think. I was there when my swap partner opened her package because the participants had a wonderful dinner gathering last Friday night so we could swap in person - such a great idea! She appeared very happy with it!

And here's what she made for me. A pair of cute crocheted fingerless gloves. Quite elegant aren't they? Thanks Kate!

Gift mitts from Kate