Saturday, 14 November 2009

Trusting the pattern

Any idea what this is?

Top for Alice

It's damn cute, that's what it is, but I know that only because I know how it will turn out. Not because I can actually see what it is right now. It's pretty, but it doesn't really look anything like the end product yet.

This pattern, called Fiona's Top, is a tunic style top or dress that I'm making for Alice. It's a translated Danish pattern and boy is it odd. I say that with all due respect to the designer but it's not written in a way that most of us would necessarily get on first glance. To my mind, a dress that starts from the yoke and works down can quite easily be done in one piece in the round but I decided to go with the flow and knit it as written and so far, it's knit flat and in sections.

The two halves you see there, in purple with the lace pattern, are actually the two parts of the back and until two rows ago, they were separated. I've just joined them and will continue to knit down now until the bottom of the piece. After that, I'll pick up the front stitches which are on waste yarn at the moment, knit the front and then sew seams.

Really this is fine. I'm quite enjoying it but it's been a curious experience. I know LynS made it for her granddaughter and she didn't mention any particular struggles so I've kept that in mind as I've crossed each small query along the way. Lyn made it. I can make it. That's what I've been saying and I'm glad I persisted because at first, I really wasn't sure.

And what is with Rowan discontinuing this cotton? It's their 4ply cotton and the discontinuation may have occured some time ago for all I know but it seems like utter lunacy! It's a delicate, highly workable and utterly pleasurable cotton to knit with and I'm flabbergasted. Why would you discontinue something so very good? Business decisions often make no sense at all.

(Edited later: Donna left a comment to say I had perhaps got it wrong. One phone call later I saw she was right. No wonder I was confused. What we have there is the side seams joined well before there are any side seams to join. That hole is the arm hole and I have actually done a front piece yet so it's too early for an armhole! Confused? I was. Not any more. Thanks Donna!)

* * *

Today is Sean's birthday and this morning he got to have a birthday cuddle with Alice at the markets while Fee had her coffee. Don't they both look a picture in red?

Sean, Alice and Fee

Shortly we're heading out, just the two of us. It's a gorgeous November day. Perfect for an outdoor birthday lunch. His thumb is doing well, thanks for all for the queries. The bandage is off now and he's able to show off his electric blue stitches! Pretty impressive but we'll spare you the photos!