Monday, 29 May 2006

i will post photos one day - I promise!

While my love lies snoring in the next room, I am going to post.

I'm not even sure what I'm going to post about!

I just love that I have a study now (did I mention we have a new house???) in which to sit under the glow of a desk lamp in an otherwise dark house and post to my happy heart's content!

I was going to post photos tonight of things I'm making, but the batteries, untouched since before the move, are flat.

Note to self: charge batteries (find charger first) and take photos of work in progress, of pretty blue walls in new house, of vacant lot of a backyard that we now own waiting for work to be done etc etc.

It'll happen, readers. It will. Because when I grow up, I want to be The Yarn Harlot. Check her out. Her blog is, in a word, cool. I think everybody in the known knitting world reads her. The fact that she gets over 200 comments within a day or two of posting suggests as much! She has pretty photos.

Started a new version of the aforementioned Bottleneck Avenger Who's Knit hot water bottle tonight. I frogged the last one because it was too small. I even wrote to the designer and asked her what I was doing wrong. How good is the online community? Someone makes something up, and several years later I can just bang out an email in a quiet moment at work and ask for help! So I've moved up to 5.5 circs, since the 4.5s were getting me nowhere fast. It's looking very pretty and will be perfect for bus knitting!

I have nothing else to say. :-)