Sunday, 4 June 2006

photos at last!

I did promise photos, didn't I? Well, finally, I found the camera, charged the batteries and took photos! Here, at last, are some photos of things I'm making, stash I've purchased and so on.

First photo is of the sock that I started weeks ago and haven't touched in a while, but I love to look at what I've done already. I love the brown tones. I think when I've made two of them, I will have happy feet. Thank you Happy Spider for the one lesson. There will be a follow up lesson, I'm sure, because I sure as hell don't know what happens once I get to the heel!

Next is the cabled hot water bottle cozy I'm making for my sister. I love making cables! So soothingly easy but just interesting enough to keep going on. I swear it still doesn't look wide enough, but I soldier on anyway in the hope that it will be big enough.

This lovely collection of skeins is one of my latest ebay purchases - Bendigo wool, 8ply in a lovely slate/blue kind of colour. I'm desperate to get my hands on a wool winder to make turning these into balls of wool much easier.

But wait, there's more!

This was an accidental purchase that went really well. No no, the purchase itself was quite deliberate when I bid on the lovely Bendigo mohair in light purple. From the same seller, I also bid on this gorgeous 'Kashmir' in dark purple - several balls of each. And when they arrived, I realised they go perfectly together. I'm thinking hats and scarves but I think that's just a sign of my limited imagination. There must be something fabulous to do with this much mohair and I WILL find the right project! For now, I just touch it and lust.

And last but not least, I had a little shopping expedition to Cassidy's this morning where, much to my surprise, I discovered a 20% off sale. I did promise S that I wouldn't buy wool, yarn or any kind of fibre today (my 60L box is now full and I think I agree with him when he says I ought to use some of the stash up before buying more!), BUT, there was this very pretty stuff in a bargain bin and the four skeins just called my name. Isn't it the prettiest blue? It's called Salsa and it's by Sirdar and it was only $4 a skein! A bargain! Even S had to agree. Well he did, after I held him down and MADE him agree.

Oh, and I returned home very excited, reporting that Cassidy's now stock a limited range of Brittany needles! I'd heard Brenda Dayne talk about these on Cast-On and had been longing to find some. I couldn't just leave the lovely 3.5mm double pointeds just sitting there in the shop, could I? I ask you? No. It just wasn't possible.

Alas, it's the end of the weekend. I could think of much better things to be doing tomorrow than working. What's the point of a lovely new, warm house full of yarn if I can't here to play with it?