Friday, 9 June 2006

confession - this one's for Carol

Three concepts that are incongruous....

1. Robbie Williams
2. Knitting
3. Public Transport

but what a combination!

It's perhaps not a well kept secret that one of my secret shames is my love of Robbie Williams. In my circles, having a crush on Robbie is not the done thing, much less actually liking his music. I don't like a lot of it -well I don't know a lot of it, but there are just a few songs I've downloaded from iTunes and in secret, I listen to him and love him. iTunes arriving in Australia last year meant I could download him in the privacy of my own home (I could never go into a shop and hand over cash - the shame would be too great!), store him on my ipod and take him with me anywhere for private, shameful enjoyment.

I am perhaps the only Robbie Williams fan in Australia who didn't go beserk trying to get tickets to his upcoming tour. I just couldn't. I'll have to make do with a DVD sometime, I suspect.

But this morning it struck me as funny that I was, again, knitting on the bus and listening to Robbie with nothing less than pure love. It doesn't really fit the image of a standard Robbie fan, does it? Girl on a bus, knitting and dreaming of bad boy Robbie?

Well, I've admitted it. I'm out and proud. I love Robbie. :-)