Thursday, 8 June 2006

trials of a bus knitter

So I got myself all prepared last night for knitting on the bus today. I started a new project on double pointed needles (beanie for S) because my projects on straight needles are too difficult - they're all on long needles and I worry about a)bumping other passengers and b)causing myself serious harm by cramping my arms and wrists into such contortions that I'll develop RSI between home and work. Circs and DPNS are the go.

So I'm one of the first on the bus. I take a seat towards the back, dig out the ipod, get all comfy with the beanie, which is being made on glorious Brittany DPNs, knit for a few streets very happily, forgetting entirely that it's early and I'm on the way to work.

The bus is starting to fill up and people, as they do, take empty seats first. That's good. That's how it should be done. Then this huge man, very tall, very broad, all suited up, who could have any number of other seats where only one person is sitting, chooses MY seat. Big, bulky bloke squishing me against the wall so that my needles, no matter how petite, suddenly become awkward.

Couldn't he have taken another seat, next to someone who was just reading or zoned out? Why choose the only knitter on the bus as your companion when you're such a big person?

I bumped him several times and dropped a stitch. Grrr.