Monday, 7 August 2006

It's called an Umbrella Swift!

Well, here it is - my newest purchase. I'm pretty excited about it although I was very restrained today. We saw the box on the doorstep as we were reversing down the driveway this morning. I grabbed the box, put it in the car and there it sat all day, waiting for me to get home to play with the contents. What restraint!

Finally, my lovely swift and yarn winder arrived from Tasmania (thank you Ebay!) I got stuck into it right after dinner, trying to remember how Happy Spider did it at SnB. After a few false starts, some struggling with tension, I got there. I just want to do it a little faster than I probably should. How very me.

Now, the important stuff. The pictures.

This is the umbrella swift - in the background - and in the foreground is the yarn winder. Don't feel bad if you don't know what they are. A month ago I had no idea until Happy Spider showed up at SnB with hers to share.

The result is to take a large hank of yarn (my blue bendigo yarn posted about a month or so ago is used here) and turn it into a nice, fat centre pull ball like these:

Never again will I have to sit with a hank held by my feet as I spend more than an hour unwinding 200g of yarn! Sean watched fascinated and said, 'you'll be wanting to spin next.'

Yes, I will.