Sunday, 5 November 2006

poor measuring skills, inherited stash, WIPs and a visitor.....

I think photographic evidence is required to show you all just how poor my measuring skills are.

This is the cardigan, minus the last sleeve which is still on the needles. See how long the front pieces are compared to the back? What the hell was I thinking?

I think I'm definitely going to lengthen the back instead of shortening the front pieces. I like the length of the front pieces better. Sigh. When I can face it. I swear this will not turn into the saga that was (still is?) the unfinished Breeze jumper of a few months ago. I have witnesses to that statement!

Also, I inherited stash! My lovely friend Chantelle is moving to New Zealand and cleaned out her stash. See below.

She had the sense to admit upfront it was full of some utter crap, with which I could do as I pleased. The feathers will not go near any of my needles, obviously. But there's some other stuff in the pile that will happily take up residence in my box of unsorted stash assortments for future work. Thanks Telle!

While I was mucking around with the inherited stash, I eyed the chair in the corner of our loungeroom which houses all my WIPs. I thought maybe I should take a photo of it so you can see just how much work I have to do. Check it out.

To the right, you'll see the Breeze jumper. Sigh. There's a sock to the left, a half done scarf up the back, a half done hot water bottle cosy and a green kid mohair jumper that really never got off the ground. And down the front, all stripey, is a Nundle Mill jumper I started nearly 18 months ago. God I hate working in stripes. Really should get back to that some time. But really I might frog it. I don't think stripes are me. At all. I'm short. They just make me look shorter/wider. I think all that nice Bendigo 8ply will make a really nice blanket but as it's now getting to be too warm to work on blankets, that can wait til next year.

One last thing. I had a visitor over night. My parents went away for the weekend so this little chap, Monty, came to stay. Isn't he lovely? This photo is here simply for gratuitous cuteness.

Off to research cutting knitted fabric now.....but I won't take to the cardigan with scissors until I'm absolutely certain. I promise!

Happy knitting