Sunday, 19 November 2006

more knitting under stress

Just when I thought I could go back to knitting just for the love of it, and not as a way to cope with stress, the worst happened.

My dad had a heart attack today. he was at work (he's a security guard at Parliament House) and collapsed. By the time I got the call he was on his way in the ambulance and when I got there he was in the cardiology ward.

So he's ok but we had to wait about three hours to find that out. I knitted most of a lace dishcloth and even had my mum on hand to help me figure out some bits of it.

Everyone else figdeted and paced but I sat calmly, well mostly calmly, working on the dishcloth and waiting for the news.

He's ok. He had two arterial blockages that they've removed and he will be in a few days before heading home for six weeks' leave. Apparently he said to Mum on Saturday, 'gee, i wish I was just sick enough to have some sick leave but not so sick I can't do anything around the house.'


Sometimes you get what you wish for. I don't think he'll be finishing painting the house any time soon though. A bit of R&R might be called for - not something my dad is good at in the least!

So it was a scare that means at 59 he'll have to make some lifestyle changes, I'd say. At least it was only a scare and not worse.