Sunday, 19 November 2006

i've got a veggie patch!

I've never had a veggie patch before.

And now I have one!

It's just one. It's just a start.

But after the shock of the hospital stuff today, it was so nice to come home and have it all ready to go.

So I planted capsicum (that's peppers, for the US readers), eggplant (that's aubergine, for the British readers), sweet corn, zucchini (ok, so is it the Brits or the yanks who call them courgettes?) and some flowers.

So, to show that today didn't suck entirely, here's me in with the new veggie patch. See how dry the grass is? And it's not even summer yet. The sooner we get rid of it and plant more garden beds, the better. If we can't water it, we should just get rid of it.