Thursday, 14 December 2006


I scored today. Big time.

Check this out.

First up, from my swap buddy, Brown Pants, I got a box choc full of the most delightful and incredibly generous STUFF.

Here you can see a knitted handtowel (I love those!), a couple of skeins of delightful Rowan handspun in PURPLE (how did you know???), a little crocheted brooch (so cute!), the prettiest stitch markers and a handsewn purse and card.

How cool is that???

Here's a close up of the brooch and markers.

I'm humbled. She sent so much. And from me she just got a dishcloth. Over the break, i will surely extend myself a little because she deserves good stuff! See, it was really meant to be a crocheted dishcloth swap we dreamed up a month or so ago. And so she cheated. She sent extras. Just lovely, but naughty Brown Pants!

Also, a huge package arrived from Bendigo Woollen mills. God I love that place. Order over $30 worth of stash enhancement, and you get the postage free!

These are for my steeking jacket I'm making in the Steek Along with the Samurai Knitter and all the other crazies, I mean, brave souls who think cutting perfectly good knitted fabric is a sane thing to do.

Now I can start swatching....or rather, I can start swatching just as soon as I've finished those pesky socks.....which I am enjoying, by the way. Ankle socks are cool. Cast on last night, worked on the heel flap in the car this morning, in the tea room at work (didn't I get some funny comments!) and on the bus and I'm ready to turn the heel tonight. Such speed!

Anyway, off to play with my riches.