Thursday, 14 December 2006

Sock update!

Well I am happy to report that once the sock got out of the zucchini patch on Tuesday, I worked long and hard all day (while watching all six episodes of Pride and Prejudice! Colin Firth...mmmmm...) and got as far as the foot!

I have NEVER made it that far before.

Yay me!

So I was happily knitting away on the foot when I had a good, hard look at it and realised, in horror, that the whole thing was ENORMOUS!

Who was I knitting for? Big Foot? A basketballer?

So, with some sadness, I ripped the whole thing out. I had been working on 4mm DPNs thinking it would make the process faster. It did, but not nicer.

My friend's husband is really just an average guy. This thing was going to swim on him. And as much as it pained me to do it, I realised I couldn't, as a devoted knitter, hand over something so shabby on Christmas morning.

So that leaves me just over a week to make them both. Sigh.

But I have a solution. The lovely Happy Spider previously provided me with a pattern that has a choice of doing long or short socks, little ankle socks. And as these are being made as bed socks, I figure an ankle version is probably just fine.

And anyway, something magical has happened. Having made one sock almost all the way through, the penny has finally dropped.


Turning a heel? Easy.

Decreases for the gusset? No problem.

I think I have arrived in the land of sock making and I love it!

So to that end, I cast on the for the ankle socks last night and made it to the heel within an hour.

*self satisfied grin*