Sunday, 10 December 2006

It's finished!

24 hours later, after very careful blocking, this is my finished Falling Leaves scarf.

It took me just on two weeks. Made on 3.5mm Brittany needles, using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

It's just lovely, if I do say so myself. And everyone is right. Blocking lace really does improve it vastly. I love it! I think a whole new world just opened up for me!

Speaking of new worlds, in April this year, I cast on my first sock.

I went along happily, learning about DPNs, sock yarn and generally found the process quite fun. That is, until I got to the tricky parts. I stalled on those.

But I am so sick to death of looking at the sock that I can't go near it, even though I desperately want to learn to finish one.

So, I have cast on another this morning. these socks, should I finish them, will be a gift for the husband of the scarf recipient at Christmas.

Today is Dec 10. I have 15 days to finish these socks.

Anyone want to place bets on me actually doing it? I did this much in 90 mins, just now.

I must overcome my sock fear! I really must. If I have to, I'll pin one of the SnB girls down for an hour to watch me while I attempt not to screw up the hard parts. Any volunteers???

Thank God I have a week's a leave starting Monday 18 December. I'm going to need it!