Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Portrait of a sock in the zucchini patch

Just for something different, because the sock is growing but doesn't necessarily make for a fascinating photo in and of itself.

Here it is, my lovely sock, outside checking out the thriving yellow zucchinis.

Notice I'm making excellent use of the stitch markers I bought last month. Who knew that sock knitting was easier if you could remember where the start of a round is??

Sometimes, I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

Please notice also in my side bar the lovely button, down the bottom, linking to the Jacket Steek along I'm going to take part in. I WILL choose colours today. Really I will. And I will place a call to Bendigo Woollen Mills because they are hopelessly outdated and don't have a website. Don't they know that's practically the same as not existing in the 21st century? If we didn't love their wool so much.....well, they should just get off their arses and get a website. Somewhere recently I've seen a petition you can sign. I just have to remember where.