Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Look what I'm going to do!

I might be a little bit crazy. Or maybe I'm just up for something new.

Julie over at SamuraiKnitter is running a knit along, or more appropriately, a steek-along in January.

I wasn't going to sign up. I was convinced all that wool on a jacket in the middle of summer would be madness and so I was just going to cheer the others along. Oh and I was a wee bit scared.

Then a few nights ago I dreamed I went looking for Julie and found her knitting in a pub (what else would she be doing? Although frankly it was probably more of a reflection of what I'd like to be doing more of!)

I told her in the dream that I was desperate to sign up for the steek-along and on waking, took this as a sign. I told her in an email and she agreed and ordered me to go buy yarn.

Well, I haven't yet because I'm still thinking about what I want to work with.

I'm not entirely sure I can confidently explain what steeking is yet. I've read about it. I've seen pictures. Now I'm intrigued. There will be maths involved. There will be working with two colours. So that covers some of my ambitions for 2007. The year will be off to a very good start.

If you're interested in trying something new and having some support when things get a bit tricky, check out the info Julie's got on her blog and join in! We're going to start guage swatching soon.

ps My copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears arrived yesterday. Perfect timing. Apparently it's going to be helpful.

pps The Falling Leaves Scarf is all but done! Blocking will be done this weekend, at a guess.